Monday, August 23, 2010

Champagne Infusion Bar

Photo Courtesy of Jose Villa Photography and Project Wedding

 I love how the effervescent bubbles in champagne tickle my nose every time I take a sip! Champagne isn't just for wedding toasts and New Year's Eve celebrations. Lobster, mushrooms, shrimp, chicken, sushi, cheese and desserts all pair well with champagne. At your next bash, treat your guests to something out of the ordinary...a Champagne Infusion Bar!
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A Champagne Infusion Bar is simply champagne laced with a variety of  fruit juices/purees, brandies or liquors. I've talked before about adding touches that create a "Wow Factor" for your party. This colorful, flavorful option will make you the toast of the town! I'll admit I'm not a trained mixologist, but I just couldn't resist the opportunity to concoct a few...strictly for research purposes, of course. ( I can just envision your smirks!) How am I to provide my readers an honest opinion without tasting things for myself? Good point, huh?! So, after sampling several, four made my taste buds tingle with glee!


Creme de Cassis (Black Currant Liquor)
Midori (Melon Liquor)                                              
Blueberry Schnapps
Apricot Nectar

Each of the above mixed with champagne, created a bubbly, vibrant colored masterpiece with a pleasing finish. When creating your own infusion bar, keep in mind every one's tastes are different. Variety is key! Before finalizing the bar menu, ask your venue for a tasting. If planning a soiree at home, turn your kitchen into your laboratory and test away! In fact, invite a few friends over to help with the selections. It's a great idea for a girl's only or couple's get together. Afterwards, your friends will be buzzing (no pun intended) to others about your upcoming party.

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Eat, Drink and Celebrate Life!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tricks of the Trade: Transform Ordinary To Extraordinary

I'm always excited when meeting a bride-to-be for the first time. She's just gotten engaged and is eager to plan the wedding of her dreams. She visits with colorful binders and tons of magazines in hand. Sticky notes tag photos of centerpieces, cakes, bouquets, etc. As we sit together gazing at pictures, my creative juices start to flow and my mind begins to craft the story the bride is entrusting  me to bring to life for her special day.

When designing a client's event, I do so as if it were my own. It's important I utilize all aspects of the bride's vision, while adding extra touches that give it a "Wow" factor! I realize we have been conditioned to "Not Sweat the Small Stuff" and in most situations...I would agree...but not in this case. We are talking about a once-in-a-lifetime event. A time many have fantasied about since they were little girls. Details do matter on these occasions and can transform a wedding from beautiful to breathtaking.

Adding elements that accentuate decor for a ceremony and/or reception don't have to break a wedding's budget. Take a deep breath, close your eyes and envision the "look" you are trying to achieve. Is the design whimsical, classic, modern, etc? Next, imagine a touch of sparkle, a splash of color...something that dazzles. Your goal is to awe, not overpower. Below are a few ways to enchant your guests, while being mindful of your wedding budget.

Menu Cards

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Decorative Escort Cards
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Stylish Table Signs 

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Creative Napkin Folds

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Loose Flowers/Rose Petals 

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 Do you have another idea that adds allure to a celebration? We'd love for you to share it with our readers!