Thursday, July 29, 2010

Creating A Signature Drink For Your Next Soiree

Signature drinks are a fabulous way for anyone to personalize their event! Best of all, creating one doesn't require the services of a mixologist. We've provided some cocktails by color to choose from. Pick one  that coordinates with your event, give it a new name and wallah... you have a signature drink for your guest's to enjoy! Our clients' have named their drinks after a honeymoon destination, their last name, an important date, a character in a movie, a board game, nickname, etc.

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Pink Garter Cocktail -

California Martini -

 Grapevine Cocktail -

Blue Bird Cocktail -
Blue Train Cocktail -

Yellow Rattler Cocktail -
Banana Creamsicle -


Sour Apple Martini -
Honeydew Martini -

The above recipes and many more can be found at and/or Send us the name of your soiree's signature drink. We love hearing from our followers.

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